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The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics is located in La Jolla, and is a Division of SIO.

Recent News

Mw 4.9 Anza Earthquake is right on time according to Kilb

During an uncertain time, one thing remains reliable. According to IGPP seismologist, Debi Kilb, today’s Mw 4.9 earthquake near Anza, CA was right on schedule: "The Anza region has an earthquake over Mw 4.5 approximately every three years," according to Kilb. "Be prepared not scared!"

Haase launches GNSS into the stratosphere

Check out the video of IGPP's Jennifer Haase launching a GNSS experiment into the stratosphere! The goal is to measure temperature profiles of the atmosphere to detect and quantify the amount of gravity wave energy so it can be included in climate models. View here.

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