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Technical Specifications: The OptIPuter Visualization Cluster is a scalable resolution, cluster driven, tiled LCD panel display system.

Ten-node IBM cluster

  • Each node is a dual Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz machine running Red Hat Linux 7.3. Cluster installation was performed using the ROCKS Ver 3.0.0 installation packages developed at SDSC.
  • 2GB RAM and 360 GB hard disk space per cluster node
  • Contains Intel gigabit network interface cards; designed for eventual 100 gigabit bandwidth
  • Each node contains a NVIDIA Quadro FX 2000 256 MB graphics card
  • Dell Powerconnect 5224 on-cluster network switch

Two IBM T221, 22.2" TFT LCD Displays

  • The screens each support a resolution of up to 9.2 million pixels (3840 x 2400); ~ 18.2 million total
  • Each display is driven by 4 nodes; resulting in eight tiled images over the two screens; ninth node = master node; tenth node is a backup node.
  • 1600 x 1200 LCD master node
  • Connected to cluster nodes by DVI fiber-optic cables.

This OptIPuter node connects to the OptIPuter via the Chiaro router.


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