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In response to the magnitude 4.7 earthquake near Hawthorn, California, Dr. Debi Kilb (SIO) fielded questions from local News-8 in San Diego.


After a magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit a highly populated region of Los Angeles, Dr. Debi Kilb (SIO) was asked if this was a sign that the ‘big one’ is coming by a News-6 media correspondent.


Making an appearance, not once, but twice in the top 15 count of “the hottest Gadgets” were the MiniME and iCluster display system that were developed through a collaboration between IGPP and Calit2. Congratulations team!

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Magnitude 5.4 earthquake near Borrego Springs, California


Visualization of the magnitude 5.4 earthquake on 07 July 2010 near Borrego Springs.

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Baja California, Mexico


Visualization of the Baja magnitude 7.2 earthquake on 04 April 2010.

Magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile


Visualization of the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in February 2010.

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