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Theoretical model of deformation in California along the San Andreas fault after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake

The iCluster is a 50 megapixel tiled display visualization system built using Apple G5s and 30” Apple Cinema Displays (click here to read an Apple article about the iCluster). This system is used to visualize real time data from the USArray network of sensors (part of the NSF funded Earthscope project) and other regional and global observing systems. The current configuration of the iCluster is housed in the Array Network Facility (ANF) office at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics and is also referred to as the "ANFwall."

Visit the iCluster @ SC05 and the iCluster @ AGU 2005 websites.

The iCluster is based on the design of the Geowall-2 and the OptIPuter visualization cluster. This project is funded by Calit2 and the Earthscope Array Network Facility at IGPP.